The Animals That Can Make You Feel Like An Ant

There are some points that we all are interested to find. There we actually have curiosity in finding facts regarding them. World’s largest, smallest, longest, shortest, etc. are such points. Today we are also going to go deep with such an interesting topic. The world’s largest animals who lived and who are currently living on earth.


Titanoboa a cold blooded snake of 43 feet long who lived about 60 million years ago in South America. It preferred the cold climate and lived in an environment of about 90 F. As per the records, it was the largest snake who lived that time. The climate was the main reason behind its huge size and the pure air helped them to grow bigger. The reason behind its extinction too was the climatic changes. Even though titanoboa is a giant snake, it did not possess poison generating glands and therefore it was a non-poisonous snake. This snake is to be known similar to the current green anacondas. Can you imagine how big it was if I say titanoboa was 100 times bigger than a royal python. It was 1135kg. It could swallow a whole human and there was no snake to kill this giant snake.


It’s all about another giant invertebrate that lived 300 million years ago and went extinct. Arthropleura a millipede that was nearly 6 and half feet long. Its weight was recorded as 500kg. It ate small animals and plants. This amazing creature too faced the issue of drying up the climate with time. It affected these millipedes to go extinct.

An extreme sized shark who went extinct is also there in the biggest list. Megalodon. It was last available 3.5 million years ago. The earth makes unique animals to emerge and the climatic changes mainly affect them to go extinct. That might happen for removing the imbalances of the animal population on earth. Here, the reason for megalodon’s extinction was the sea water becoming more cold to exist. Its size can be imagined with its teeth size. Its tooth was three times bigger than the currently living great white shark. This shark was 40 to 60 feet in length and weighed 50-75 tons. They enjoyed 20-40 years of their lifetime. It wanted to consume 3,300 cans of tuna per day. Other than that, it consumed some other fish in sea including dolphins, whales and sometimes the other sharks too.

Whale sharks.

Whale sharks. Another creature among the biggest organisms on earth. Has it too gone extinct? Fortunately , no. The recognized number of whale sharks as per the records of 2021 are 7,000 only. But it estimates that there should be around 119,000-238,000 of them on earth. This harmless giant fish weighs around 15 tons and it is 39 feet in length. They eat small fish, shrimp and other small creatures in water. Is a whale shark a whale? No. It is the largest fish that lives around 100 years. They have 3,000 teeth in each jaw. They are facing the threat of extinction due to the drying up of sea water, killing 6-8,000 of them annually by humans and so on.


Another larger animal who went extinct. An asteroid that crashed into the plant 65.5 million years ago caused these mosasaurs to disappear. In the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, you may have seen a scene of feeding a mosasaur with flesh meat. This marine creature weighed 14,000kg and its length was 15-18 m. Actually mosasaur was a reptile and not a dinosaur that lived in the sea. They were used to eating their own kind, sharks, fish and birds too.


Mammoth. Another animal who is not among the bigger living creatures. Did all the bigger animals were wiped out from the earth? Most of them were. The main reason behind all extinctions were the climatic changes. Mammoth, who was a relative of Asian elephants, lived nearly 60 years. These herbivore mammoths could be last seen around 4,000 years ago. It was the last animal who survived during the ice age with the help of its woolly body. But unfortunately they could bear no more with the absence of water and food to consume. The sea water levels went up gradually and the surviving mammoths did not get even water to drink. That caused them to die. But they were surviving for a long time without water. The largest mammoth was estimated to be 13-15 feet tall with a weight around 6 tons

Blue whale.

Now, we are moving to the largest animal on this planet. No doubt. It is the blue whale. At the moment, there are only 10,000-25,000 blue whales left on the planet. It weighs 130,000-150,000 kg and is approximately 26m long. Just like whale sharks we previously mentioned, these blue whales too do not eat or harm humans. It needs to consume an average of 16 tons of food per day to maintain its huge body structure. The population of blue whales have invaded all the oceans around earth except the Arctic Ocean. Only the tongue of a blue whale weighs as the weight of an elephant. Another fact to determine how big a blue whale is. Its heart weighs as much as an automobile. These animals are the ones who make the loudest sounds. Not only that, but also their hearing capacity is unbelievable. Blue whales can hear up to 1,000 miles. These vocal capacities help them to investigate the dark, deep ocean depths too. Larger ships are a threat to them and a larger number of blue whales die in a year or get injured by touching their bodies by the ships.

Many of the above large animals have gone extinct. All the reasons for their extinction are climatic changes or natural phenomena. But most of the existing animals are endangered due to human activities. The whole earth is not owned by humans. Even though we are different from animals with the high capacity of intelligence, we are not allowed to harm them or to become a threat to them. Even the animals harmful to humans are  also needed for the co-existence of the world, we do not have the right to become threats to their lives.

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