The 4 Kingdoms of Mother Nature

Do you know the people in some countries have got a chance to spend their time in 04 amazing kingdoms, which are different from one another? In some countries, people have to face the 04 main seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which follow one another regularly. They are distinguished by special climate conditions. Mother Nature changes her features, characteristics, and also her behavior according to the climatic conditions. So in those seasons, we can see clear differences in the whole environment.

04 main seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter

Spring season

Spring is one of the four seasons. It appears in March and ends in June. The temperature is in the middle level. Not so hot and not so cool. And this is the season of rebirth. After getting rest in winter, Mother Nature wakes up in this season. The snow that covered the whole environment begins to melt. The trees wake up with a new life. Buds appear on the trees and bushes. 

After a long sleep animals come back to their normal life. The whole nature seems to be like people, who start the day after waking up in the morning. Spring gives us wind and there are so many clouds in the sky. Trees start to grow and bright green leaves appear on them. There is a pleasant smell all around us. Spring brings bright colors into our lives.

Beauty in Spring

Summer season 

Summer is the hottest season of the year. It appears in between spring and autumn. When we contrast the temperature of the summer season with other seasons, we can see that it exists in middle and high latitudes. But it depends on the region of the earth. It means the region near the equator is normally warmer than other regions. 

The summer season begins typically in June and ends in September. In the summer, the most attractive character is the sun. The sun gives energy to nature. In this time period, the environment is full of bright colors and everything around is flourishing. Flowers are blooming and the smell is so good everywhere. In other words, Mother Nature looks like a bride in the summer season. 

In this season, according to the change of the environment, people also change their day-to-day life. In the summer season, we have bright weather with sufficient summer rainfall. So this is the time for plants and flowers to flourish and blossom! As the plants grow well, people use this period for food production. 

Beauty in summer

Autumn season

The Autumn season marks the end of the summer season. This season comes after summer and before winter. The temperature in this season is gradually decreased to welcome the winter.  This season starts in September and ends in December. When the sun is setting up, we can see an orange-colored sky, right? During this season, the whole environment looks like that.  It is not a miracle. The trees begin to shed their leaves and they are orange in color. Everywhere decorated with gold, yellow and red colors. It gives a pleasant view for us. 

Some beautiful flowers bloom. They will please you every day with bright colors. And this is the time for harvesting. People use this time to get the harvest from the crops that were cultivated in the summer season.

Beauty in Autumn
Beauty in Autumn

Winter season

This is the coldest season of the year. It appears between autumn and spring. This season starts in December and ends in March. Mother Nature uses this time to relax. All the trees are covered with snow. They are sleeping and get ready for the next season. 

The whole environment is quiet in winter. Does it mean that this season is less attractive than the other seasons? No! It is as beautiful and fascinating as any other season. The trees covered with snow give a magnificent view and there are also some plants and flowers which can withstand this climatic condition.

The atmosphere fills with snowflakes and they seem to be angels in the air. They fall from the sky by showing magic in the air. Winter is not full of bright colors, but it gives a white, snowy magical sight for us. As the temperature is so cold, people love winter so much. It gives us a relaxed mind. 

Beauty in Winter
Beauty in Winter


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