Raise A Glass to Building Nests To Be Eaten Later

One day while I was sitting in a chair, a black and yellow inch-long insect began to spin around the chair that I was sitting on. At first, I thought it was a bee but later realized that it was not as big as a bee. I wondered if this insect was going to sting me, but I noticed that it was not paying attention to me. Its focus was on the clay ball at the back of the chair. That’s when I recognized that it was none other than mud dauber wasp.

The creations in the biological world are amazing. Would you be surprised to hear there are small insects that imitate man? Wait… what!!!! It is a huge question as to whether man really imitates them or whether they imitate man. I say this because man has been using clay to make the walls of his house since ancient times. Mud dauber wasp also uses clay to build its house. The female mud dauber wasp chooses a suitable place to build her home. She also chooses the right kind of clay to make her home. So what is the role of the male animal? The male protects the female until the female builds the house. infinity of love! Lol!! She rolls soft mud into a ball with her jaw. She carries the ball with her front legs to the construction site she has chosen. She presses the mud onto a flat surface with her head and jaw, then shapes it into an urn or tube-like construction using her saliva. Finally, it looks like a pipe or corn. Just like we have rooms in our houses, there are chambers in theirs. The most beautiful action takes place after this. Mud dauber usually eats spiders, so the female kills a spider and lays its parts in each chamber, laying eggs on it. When the eggs hatch, each larvae feeds on its own pieces of spider and, when it reaches adulthood, eats its way through the nest’s walls. The nest made by the mother is eaten by the little ones. Not much different from us on that matter, are they?

All jokes aside, Doesn’t this make you wonder how amazing the world we live in is?

By Muhmina Munawfer

Mud Dauber
Mud Dauber Wasp with Nest

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