Rainy Thoughts about Rain

This is gonna be a bit different. You have been warned!

Rain is one of the most beautiful, romantic, simple things in the world. I know, I know, everything has a dark side, but let’s ignore that for the time being. Because rain could bring in the most beautiful feelings into one’s heart. Okay, enough poetry.

Let me ask you one thing. What does rain mean to you? A coffee cup, a thick book, and a blanket? Or your favorite movie with your loved ones? Or are you still daring enough to go and dance in the rain or at least send paper boats down the road? 

Rain means different things to different people. We give different definitions to rain.  And these definitions change according to the situation too. I mean too much rain is no good, but no rain at all is no good either. (In our country there is a saying that no one gets scolded as much as a mother and the sky. Just a little something I would like to leave with you.) 

So, like that, rain means different things to other animals too. Ants collect enough food to last the rainy season before it starts. And rain is one of the main reasons why insects like ants come into our homes; they come in to survive the heavy rains. Ah, Finally an explanation!  Most of the animals go for cover during rain but there are some really spontaneous ones who quite enjoy the rain. Elephants like to swim and play in the dirt when it rains. And they can also sense rain because of their keen sense of smell. (FUN FACT: elephants have the best sense of smell.) And there is this baby hippo in Cincinnati Zoo that likes to get rain droplets in her mouth. Orangutans use big leaves to shelter themselves while they enjoy the rain. 

Who do you think loves rain the most? I think it’s trees. I mean, it’s got to be trees. They look the happiest when it rains. They look more green, smell better and it feels better to be around them when it rains. Of course, I’m not talking about heavy storms. I’m talking about nice, peaceful rains. Don’t go stand around trees during heavy storms. 

I would love to think about how rain looks through the animals’ eyes, but recently I came to find when I was writing an article on ants that what we think animals feel and how they actually feel is very different. So I’m not gonna get into that. Instead, I’m gonna tell you how rain feels to me and you could tell me what it is to you. Deal? Okay! 

I like rain. It gives me an excuse to be lazy. I like to get on my bed, cover myself with a blanket and read a book (you thought I forgot to mention coffee? Nah, I hate coffee) or stare into the rain when I feel philosophical or make paper boats just to do justice to my inner child or be someone who does not know even if it has rained and stopped. Later is what I do these days. Ever since the pandemic I have been hauled inside my room and have no idea what’s going on outside.

So, what does rain mean to you? I would love to know your intake of the rain.

By Dinithi Jayarathne

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