Area of mushrooms to be available – 2.20 million- 3.8 million

The amount that has been recognized – 148,000

Poisonous species that can cause death – 70

No. that is suitable to eat – More than 440

Mushrooms were recognized as plants that are related to the family of trees or living beings. But the mushrooms are now considered as an independent category among trees and animals and that do not belong to any of them. We know that asteroids rained 65 million years ago and it caused the death of dinosaurs and for 99% of the other animal species too. Trees also became extinct due to the non-availability of sunlight. The boss or the main creature which remained are the mushrooms or fungi. The cells of the mushrooms are so sensitive and active among each other. The first one to grow on a dead human body or a dead animal body is the mushroom.

The existence of life is further alive through these mushrooms as some studies show.

However, we know nothing about mushrooms.

There are North American Associations that cure diseases and illnesses via mushrooms without any other medicines. These diseases and illnesses include cancers too. But the international drug manufacturing companies do not allow these associations to be recognized because they will be lost and closed if these associations come up.

Some species of mushrooms can fully recover from mental stress, depression, non-comfort, and over-functioning. Apart from that, my friends who traveled in the cities like Amsterdam know that some mushrooms that help to fly in the magic world and the mushrooms that are used for entertainment. The weakest place among the animals and plants species goes to the man or else to the homosephians.

What will happen if the temperature increases by about 20 or 30? Humans cannot bear it. If it increases by more by 10, they will become extinct. Humans and most of the animals will be extinct if an era like the ice age before 12,000 years will be back again. Most plants and animals do not exist without sunlight. But fungi adjust to any temperature or any climatic changes. One of my friends says that if there will be any living being that will exist till the end of Earth, that will be fungi. Not only to cure diseases but also as a substitute for meat, mushrooms are a very good alternative. Some mushrooms are very expensive. Zartsa Gumbo, a mushroom that grows in the Tibet region is about 4000 dollars. Truffle is the most delicious and the most expensive type of mushroom in Europe. One kilogram of good-conditioned Truffle is sold for 7500/8000 dollars.

The dogs that come under the breed of Canish are clever to find these mushrooms. They find the exact places where these mushrooms bloom. If five or six kilograms of mushrooms are found, that person can stay at home for half a year without doing any other jobs. That is in the mushroom’s blooming season. Going in the woods to find mushrooms with friends is more popular during that season. This is a part-time job. Apart from that, friends invite me for dinner when they find good-conditioned Trout fish or some mushrooms. And also in weekend fairs, fresh mushrooms can be seen during that season. The ladies in rural areas know these secrets very well. They know in which period these mushrooms bloom even if it does not relate to all the types of mushrooms. They practice it to leave into the woods early in the morning before the others see them. Some have used to inquire about the time that the other person leaves. The ones who know the taste of these mushrooms cannot get rid of it.

There is an amazing movie with box office records for the ones who have Netflix connection called Fungi/ Mushrooms.

Article by Malcolm Sang

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