It’s All About Pink Nature

You will wonder if you’ve not heard about these creatures of nature because you are in love with Pink, I Know.
This is for the Pink Lovers and also for the nature lovers who go in search of unique wonders of Earth. Pink Beach !! Yes, it’s available on Earth. This will remind you of the TV Series and movies you’ve watched with its spectacular pink sand getting together with bluish-green color. It is generally known as Elafonisi Beach on the Southwest Coast of Greece. This beach got its name because the coastline is small and it is a mile-long island. A warm shallow lagoon and a sandbar with pink sand make the separation. The blue color of the sea and the pink color of the sandbar make our eyes calm.
Elafinisi stands for “treasure island” in Greek. How cannot Elafinisi be a treasure to Greece when it has such a beautiful pink beach? This pink beach is not 100% pink. Wait wait. I didn’t lie. But the color depends on the tides and on the time of the year. Can people be attracted to a color? Yeah! You will realize how the color has influenced you when you see the number of umbrellas and chairs on the beach.

A protected area called Natura is available there for several rare plants and animals. Secluded coves which are established there will keep you away from busy, noisy crowds. You’ll find sea daffodil plants, sea turtles laying their eggs, and water sports facilities too. Even if we go to experience the sea breeze, we may also experience the busy, crowded surroundings there. We can escape it by selecting a lonely place in the beach area to feel the real beach experience. It is the happiest and safest when no one is there around you to guide you. Isn’t it? Isn’t it really freedom?

Elafonisi Beach on the Southwest Coast of Greece
Elafonisi Beach on the Southwest Coast of Greece
A view from above in Elafonisi beach, a paradise located in western Crete, Greece.

Not only the beaches but also there are pink lakes on this planet Earth. It is a salt lake in Goldfields- Esperance Region in Western Australia. Do you believe that this lake became pink after 2017? The concentration of salt-affected this. This lake takes even the shades of purple sometimes. External modifications and climatic changes may also have influenced this. Even the formation of this color did not come with the beginning of the lake, water in it is not toxic. There are around ten pink lakes in Australia. Most of them are in Western Australia.
Swimming and bathing in Australian lakes are not generally happening. They experience the beauty of plenty of such rare places by taking photographs, doing videos using those places for their visits, and so on only. Those common rituals make those places appreciated by others and it keeps those places clean and tidy too.

The beautiful and very pink Lake Hillier, located on Middle Island, off the coast of Western Australia
Roadtrip through Australias West coast pink lake in Port Gregory
A drone shot of the pink lake in Port Gregory at Australia’s West Coast!
Hutt Lagoon – Port Gregory. Western Australia

It’s all about another pink lake. Not in Australia. But in France. Are there several pink lakes all over the world? Yes! This is about the Pink Salt Pans in National Park Camargue. For a lake, the dark pink color adds more beauty and attraction than the light color which makes the beaches more stunning. Dunaliella Salina: the algae found in the salt affects to make its water pink. However, these algae cannot survive in water levels less than 15% of the salt mixture. Dunaliella Salina performs their best under 20%-30% of salt concentration.

Just like the pink beach, this lake is also not in pink throughout the year. Summer will be the best time to see the pink beauty because that algae synthesize beta-carotene to protect themselves from the sun. So, it happens more in summer with bright sun. May to June is the best time to see pink salt flats in Camargue. You will have to make inquiries and experiments to reach water there because there are no clear road maps and clear signs from where to get into the water.

pink lake in France
Pink lake in France drone shot
Pink lake in France drone shot

Now, I am taking you to one of the heavens on Earth. Are you ready? This will increase your love for pink. The Sweet Pink Sea of Flowers in the city of Rizhao, East China has increased my love for pink. Girls who love pink should visit this place. You’ll be lost in pink thoughts. Phlox Subulata is the reason for this beauty. It is the beautiful pink flower that has more beauty and an enchanting fragrance that has been cultivated there.
Tourists and photographers take maximum use of this beauty. Will anyone escape a scented surrounding together with a beautiful pink view for long miles? All the stress and weights in mind will fly away for a while. You will be waiting until the next blooming season too to experience this elegance. You will be busy explaining to your followers and friends the elegance of this beautiful scenery if you upload a photograph to social media staying in this pink sea.

Photo by
Photo by
Photo by

The Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja Alicante, Spain. This is an expanse of salt water, a freshwater reservoir. You’ll go 6km length and 4km width with pinkish water along the lagoon. You may find 350 grams of salt ( 10 Tablespoons of Salt) per one liter of water from this lagoon. Yellowish pink with the sunset will sink you in romance. Don’t get caught! You will be excited at how this mother nature paints the sky in such an inspiring way. At once you’ll not feel you’re breathing. It will be forgotten. Floating relaxation this moment will wipe away your sorrow and disappointments.
These are free of charge. Why don’t you get the experience? Do not wait and miss the chance. I am setting you a reminder. Hey, listen! I forgot to tell. Do not jump and swim. It is not allowed there to bath and swim since it is a lagoon, not a beach. The horizon views together with the sunset will make you stay there until the sun says goodbye for the day and the dark surroundings appear.

The pink lagoon of Torrevieja, a unique place in the province of Alicante

We are lucky and it’s a pleasure to have such unique, wandering places on earth. While giving human life the facilities to survive here, this planet happily provides wandering, colorful places to see and make our own adventures there. So, it is our responsibility to treat this planet Earth back by keeping the earth safe and comfortable to live for the future generations too. That is the only thing our earth is also expecting. I am sure.

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