Colorful Landscapes

We all love to see attractive scenes with colorful backgrounds. Here we go.

These are about the beautiful scenes that have been created through the combination of the Rocky Mountains, sands, and deserts and one wonderful human creation.

Grand Canyon
Let’s move to the USA first. There, our attention goes to a marvelous sandstone that creates amazing eyesight that is located near Page Arizona in the USA. I think this is the most popular slot canyon that most of us have heard of. The brownish-orange colors and the shapes all together with the sand layers which are perfectly neat take you to a different destination that you have never gone to. This slot includes two sections as Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Be there in June, July, or August between 11 AM to 1.30 PM if you want to see the beautiful light beams. It is a crowd-free place between November and February.

I’ve got a question. Did you think about how these canyons form? When the water went through the sandstone for so many years due to huge floods and rainfalls, these canyons formed with time. Here is a useful tip for you. It’s better to go to the washroom and take one meal before you start the journey. Happy tummy will help you to enjoy the adventures and beauty of the canyon. It is very hot and uncomfortable because it is a desert. The lower canyon is cool while the upper one is somehow hot.

Horseshoe Bend
This is about a meander that looks like a horseshoe. We have to go near Page Arizona in the USA once again. Let’s go. This meander is surrounded by the Colorado River. Fossil tracks that are 280 million years old have been found from the Grand Canyon National Park and it tells about the early inhabited dinosaurs. Morning or midday is the best time to see the horseshoe bend well. Otherwise, shadows would influence the scenery. If someone is reading this who has never gone to a desert, this new experience with no green trees brings you a new adventure.

Rainbow mountains in china
Shall we go to see a rainbow through a mountain range? When most of the mountain ranges are in brown, orange, or green colors, as usual, nature has thought of painting this mountain range in several multi-colors. Which mountain range am I talking about? This is about the rainbow mountains in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Northwest China. These beautiful colors originated from the sand and silt deposited with iron and trace minerals. How old is it? It is about 24 million years old. The slanting layers of rocks with different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns will amaze you. These rainbow colors don’t fade away with time like the rainbow disappears immediately.

Bryce canyon
We had to be in the USA because again we are moving there to experience another canyon. Let’s move to Southwest Utah to see Bryce Canyon, a wonderland formed through wind, water, and snow. This is famous for the largest collection of hoodoos in the world and this is a good platform for hiking, camping, and many more outdoor activities and it needs about two days for all these because this park is small.
The sunrise point, the sunset point, Bryce point, Inspiration point, and scenic drive are some that should not miss visiting. Sunset point is perfect for bird watching. It takes 2.4km to Bryce
point from the inspiration point. Year-round temperatures are available in this place while you can enjoy a little bit of cool weather in the evening.

The Zagros mountains in Iran
Here we go somewhere beyond the deserts. There we found some mountains that are 540million years old and have incredible biodiversity. Zagros mountains in Northwest Iran. The fold and thrust belt is its mountain type. This is a treasure for many wild animals due to the less rain, mild weather, and many more. Wild goats, wolves, mongooses, eagles, bustards, and many rare and wild animals are abundant there. Iranian habitats are prevailing there which can be categorized as Christians, Turks, Curds, and some tribal groups. Clearance of the land for livestock, agriculture, and hunting the wild animal species are the major threats for this ecosystem.

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Narrows at Zion Park
Looking for an attractive place for a perfect photoshoot? There’s a place in Utah, the USA that you might like. The narrowest section in Zion Canyon is Zion National Park. Make your backpacks ready from June to July or between September to October if you plan to visit these narrows. A slightly flowing river touching the stones passing by is the additional beauty of this beautiful view. The huge, tall rocks standing at the two edges of the river separate the visitors from the unwanted, disturbing people and the stressed environment. Few deaths reported from time to time tell about the dangerous places at Zion canyon. Safety must be first while enjoying the beauty and adventure it gives.

Fly Geyser, Nevada
Fly Geyser in Nevada, a fabulous creation by the man. This has been formed by depositing minerals in water on the desert surface. Multiple cone-shaped openings are six feet tall. The reason for the multi-colored surface is the thermophilic algae on the calcium carbide. In my opinion, I remember the mouth of a fish when I see the opening of this geyser. The hot water thrown into the air by steaming via the colorful opening can exceed 200 Farenhites. The most common colors that can catch our eyes are red and green. Ejecting hot water may reach five feet in the air. April to October should be selected for these three hours walk with permission from the authorities.

When we think backward even as we go forward with technological advances, there are countless places and things that man cannot even think about how they emerged or formed. They are still secrets for survival and the sake of those wonders. Misuse of nature and the freely getting resources by man will lead to the end of mankind one-day proving no one can exceed nature. We all are creditors to nature that every step we take here should be taken after thinking a thousand times.

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