Cetina Blue Eye

Have you seen “The Eye of the Earth” with your naked eye?

If not, let’s go to explore it. If you did see it, let’s go to explore it. All are the same. Let’s explore.

We should move to Croatia to see it. Mount Dinara Nature Park in Croatia is the exact place that you want to see this incredible blue eye. Cetina River Spring Croatia will be a place that will definitely be there in your bucket list if you are inspired by it. Cetina river is the longest river in Dalmatia. It is actually a spring that looks like a blue-green dragon eye. You can see very clear, transparent blue and green water in it and that water is so cold.  This spring is a karst spring. The temperature is estimated to be 4 and 8 Celsius cold in it. The depth may be 155 meters and the diameter is estimated to be 15 meters. What a beautiful color combination that is. It’s gorgeous.  Sometimes you may remember one part of a peacock feather due to its fascinating greenish-blue color.

This spring is a source of the Cetina River that flows from the slopes of Dinara in Southern Croatia. The Cetina river provides water for drinking. The upper part of the river is fast while the lower part of it is slow like a silent lake. Swimming in this spring will be something you have never experienced before because of its cold water and the attractive color of the water plus the unusual appearance of the invisible depth. Only few of the brave divers have reached its depth as the positive mentality and the good health conditions are must for reaching and achieving such a difficult destination. The curious, dark depth of this blue eye will sometimes pull you to say no for swimming and diving in it.

There are various beliefs about the Cetina river. The word Cetina has come from a fairy. People believe that the Cetina fairy has cried after being cheated by Zeus. The river has been made with her tears that came to earth. The residents near this river believe that bathing in the river means getting those tears into their bodies and that makes them look younger. The visitors can experience some other outdoor activities besides visiting the spring like hiking, rafting, and zip-line too.

The Croatian National Monument has protected the Cetina River Springs officially since 1971. It is the responsibility of all the vacationers who visit this spring not to harm the surrounding and the spring by not littering and not damaging. That will be a big help to preserve the places like these for the future generations too. You’ll find this spring next to the Serbian Ortodox Church of the Ascension of Christ in the rural town of Cetina. Local Highway 1 in Croatia is there next by. A drone may help you in getting fabulous photographs showing the exact shape of the blue eye and the real attractive blue, green colors.

The place is surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. The residents like the brown trout, the carp, minnow nase, black woodpecker and few more are abundant there. Apart from that, various butterflies like swallowtail and black-veined white are attracted to the fragranced flowers.

The location of the earth’s blue eye is such a calm one. The surrounding is always not crowded. It will be a private, relax trip if you will be lucky enough to be there at a time where no one has selected to tome.

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