Can The Same Tree Act In Dual Ways?

Today, let’s go in deep. For what and to where? Can you believe it if I say that there is a forest underwater? That is why today we are going to swim deep to find out about it. It’s all about lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan, 80 miles away from Almaty. Almaty is a major city in Kazakhstan. That leads foreigners and all the visitors to reach this place. The name Kaindy lake implies “birch tree lake”. The maximum length and the depth of this forest under water are 1,300 feet and 98 feet respectively.

There may be a reason for this incredible formation. An earthquake named Kebin with a magnitude of 7.7 resulted in this place in 1911. More than 700 buildings were destroyed through that. A large limestone landslide on a large scale formed a natural dam. The tall, thin trees grown there were covered partially with rain water and with the other water sources. The greenish-blue water got its colour from the limestone deposits in the area. Water in this lake is so cold. It states the temperature level as six degrees Celcius. What? How do those trees still remain constant at such a temperature level? That is because of the specific conditions available in this lake. Preserving the tree trunks is done through the cold water in it. The temperature level in this lake is much lower because it is located 6,600 feet above sea level.

It is very difficult to swim in this lake because of the temperature level of the lake. The level of temperature doesn’t go up even in the summer seasons. But in the winter season, ice diving and fishing is very abundant in the lake and the Kaindy lake is a well-known place among the visitors due to that reason.

Mountains covered with snow increase the attraction to enjoy not only the lake, but also the surrounding. Due to the impossibility to swim in the lake, a boat ride around the lake can bring you to another world. Crystal clear blue water makes you visible the trunks of dead spruce. When you go deep into the lake Kaindy, the vibrant colours all together with the light beams that come inside can make you awake with wonderful thoughts. This sunken forest is like a secret place or the depth of the sea. The bottoms of the trees covered with algae hanging on the branches bring you the scary ghost thoughts. When you come out of water, the leaves, less tree trunks with their reflections in the clear water creates a scenery in a painting in the theme of nature. Sometimes you may feel whether these ash trunks have been kept for the attraction and the beauty of this beautiful scenery. The green colour pine trees around the lake can make you separate from the outside world. That makes you enjoy this incredible place in a free, relaxed mind. The lower temperature levels in the area makes you away from the drying sun rays too. Nature lovers and the photographers can take the maximum benefit of this place. This is an ideal place for them. Trees are looking like they are upside down.

Reaching the lake Kaindy through the hike takes about 15-20 minutes of time. Reaching the place before the sunset will bring you a lot of benefits. You know why. Our own pets including dogs are allowed there. So, they also can enjoy the beauty. Even though there are food stalls around, when you are on the trail, you cannot find food to buy. So, taking snacks with you is the best way.

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