Albinos Animals

These are the animals that we call in the name of Albino Animals too. Albinism occurs due to the congenital absence of pigmentation or coloration in the eyes, skin, and hair. Mostly in white animals, their eyes are also in red or pink colors resulting from the lack of pigment in the iris. Albinism may reduce the survivability
of animals too.
However, white animals are very rare to find in the surrounding apart from the animals who are commonly in white color like polar bears, rabbits, swans, ducks, dogs of some breeds, cats of some breeds, etc. Even the above mentioned white animals have the unique white color in their bodies from birth, some species of animals have other unique colors that come with their birth. So if other unique color animals will turn into white due to the lack of pigmentation, we feel that they are rare animals because their natural color is not commonly white. White Rat, White Horse, White Lion, White Fox are such rare, white animals to find. So they take attention of the others immediately. Therefore, not all white animals are albinos.

When some animals suffer from the diseases like leucism and isabellinism, their skin turns into light looking like white animals or albino animals. Actual albino
animals that do not suffer from those diseases show some special characteristics proving that they are actual albinos. Some species like geese, white peacocks, and
swans are not considered actual albinos because they do not have red eyes. They have turned into white due to the expansion of a white fur or feather gene. Their blood vessels are normally masked by pigment and their eyes are pink in color.

When wild animals become albinos, they face troubles in their general routines because of their poor eyesight when avoiding danger and when hunting. They are
easily visible to predators too. Not only that because they are lack to find, but hunters (People) also, prefer them to be hunted.

There are some instances where white animals which are rare to find have been reported all over the world. In 2019, a three-month-old Albinos Penguin has been
discovered at the Gdansk Zoo in Gdansk, Poland. A small southern Right Whale appeared on Argentina’s Valdez Peninsula in 2010. In Japan, a Japanese Rat Snake
was recognized at a snake viewing facility in Iwakuni.Japan. A white and pink albino dolphin was seen in the Southern Australian Ocean in 1994.

White animals can be rejected from their families, mates, and groups due to the unusual appearance they have thinking that albinos are not their members. So they face so many problems when they live in forests and with the other members of the same animal group.

Albino kangaroo
Albino kangaroo
Albino baby dog
Albino crocodile
Albino Elephant – Photographer @wild.anjadenker
Albino Whale
Albino dolphin
Albinos Penguin in Gdansk Zoo in Gdansk,Poland.
White Peacock

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