4 Trees that Leaves You in Awe

We talk about trees every day. But do we talk enough about these trees?

1.Baobab Tree Avenue of Madagascar(Bottletree)

Baobab Tree Avenue of Madagascar(Bottletree)

Water is a very important need for us. Not only for us but also all living beings can not live without water. Wherever we travel we take a water bottle with us. But have you ever heard about mother nature’s water bottle? Yes, it is a tree that is filled with water. It is called “Baobab Tree’’. There are nine species and six of them are found in Madagascar. The ideal place to admire the baobab trees is in Morondava which is called the alley of baobab. But it can also be seen in Majunga and Tulear, as well as in the parks of Ankarafantsika. We can also find them in Africa and Australia. The water inside these trees helps to tolerate extreme climatic conditions. This tree is also called “reniala” which means ”mother of the forest” in Malagasy. The Baobab tree is an example of the amazing creations of our mother nature.

Baobab Tree Avenue of Madagascar(Bottletree)
Baobab Tree

2.Blooming Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany

Blooming Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany

Have you ever traveled to the city of Bonn in Germany?

When you travel in springtime you can find a pink area in the center of the city. There are pink fluffy cloud-like cherry blossoms that decorate the whole city like a bride. This is a reason that the city Bonn gets the tourists attraction. I think there is no one in Bonn who didn’t have a picture of these cherry blossoms on their Instagram or social media pages. When we talk about the history of these magical pink trees, they were first planted in the late 80s as part of a city redevelopment program. Anyway there is no argument it is one of the best places to visit in your lifetime. Do not forget to take a photograph of this most eye-catching area. 

3.Dragon Blood Trees

Dragon Blood Trees

Ever heard of trees that bleed? No? Well, now you’re gonna.

When you travel 60 miles off the coast of Africa, you could find a land called Socotra which is called the Golapagos of the Indian Ocean as there are many species of animals and plants. There are trees that look like giant mushrooms which have a single trunk and branches that look like an umbrella. These trees are called “Dragon Blood Trees”. Why did these trees get that name? Because when we cut off their trunks, the red resin is like blood coming out from them. This resin is used for manufacturing varnish and lipstick. The leaves of these trees are used to make ropes. These trees take a long time to mature before they reproduce and live for about 600 years. 

4.Rainbow Eucalyptus in Kauai, Hawai

Rainbow Eucalyptus in Kauai, Hawai

Nature is filled with such amazing things even we can’t think about how it was created. In other

words we can say that mother nature is a magician. Do you know about Rainbow Eucalyptus in Kauai, Hawai? Yes, it is a tree. We all know the trunk of a tree may be brown or green. But have you ever seen a rainbow-colored trunk? The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree has a multicolored trunk. It is like an abstract painting that keeps on changing. The bark of this tree changes color when it becomes mature and gives a beautiful look for the tree with colors of green, maroon, blue, orange, and purple. These trees are used for decoration and landscaping. And also these trees are used to make paper. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees grow in warm tropical climates and prefer moist soil conditions and grow to be 100- 246 feet in height.

Image by kauai travel blog

These trees are quite fascinating, right? Do you know any trees that leave you speechless or with too much to say in this case? Please let us know in the comment section.

By Thilini

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